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What a blessing to have four generations of women together for a family portrait.  Not only that, but this lucky lady had three sets of four generations of women together at one time!  For this session, we wanted to do something special.  My sister in law found the idea for the “frames” picture online.  We felt this idea would be a timeless portrait,  an heirloom to hand down to future generations.  While we were at it, we took advantage of the time to incorporate some traditional portraits and a profile image for something a little different.

We would love to capture the your family’s generations.  The guys can get in on this too!

4 generations of women


multi generation portraits


4 generations portraits

This session was so much fun! Dad brought along his firefighter gear and let the kids play dress-up. Of course we had to catch some outtakes too, some of them were so funny. With younger children, we often spend time at the beginning of the session letting them warm up and get used to the camera. This helps us get more natural smiles and reactions. Once the kids warmed up and were having fun, we even snuck in a few traditional family portraits.



Oh my, isn’t she cute? LOVE the leg warmers. And the sunglasses, she already has a sense of style! Smash cakes are so much fun. Babies are never quite sure what to do at first, but they figure it out soon enough. Some little ones make a huge mess, while others don’t care much for the frosting stuck between their tiny fingers. We also tried a new background color for this session with a great vintage look to it.  Let us know if you want to incorporate this one into your next session.

smash cake

This guy just can’t get any cuter. We have had the fortune of photographing this little guy since he was brand new. For his 1 year old photography session we found ourselves in rural Iowa once again. His mom was able to locate an old pickup truck, just perfect for these pictures. He was so proud sitting up in that old rustic truck. I bet he can’t wait to start helping Dad around the acreage. We love shooting in unique places that are special to you. Where do you want to shoot your next family portrait session?


Everyone knows I (Jake) am a bit of techie, and with photography I am equally intrigued by camera gear.  Well, this lens is just crazy! They don’t make this one any more, and Canon reportedly crafted less than two dozen of these beasts. How fun would it be to take this for a test drive though?


To give you an idea of how big this thing really is, the largest lens Treasured Moments Studio shoots with is the Canon 70-200 2.8 IS L lens, weighing in at less than 4 pounds. The Canon 1200mm tips the scales at an astonishing 36 pounds! The minimum focusing distance (how far you have to be away from the subject to focus) on the 70-200 is 4 feet. The Canon 1200mm? 46 feet!!!  Just think about hauling this lens around Ankeny or downtown Des Moines to take some family photos…

Every once in a while one of these comes up for sale online. B&H recently received one and has it posted for sale right now. Yes – this lens could be yours. The asking price? $180,000.00!!! That is about the same as the median home price in Ankeny, Iowa (currently $192,000).

A few lucky B&H employees had the opportunity to take the lens out for a while. Here is the link to the full article.  The article is worth a read for the techies out there.  Fun to get a glimpse of what it would be like to shoot with the king of all camera lenses.

Did you know that just having a LinkedIn profile photo can make your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed? (Source – LinkedIn) Having the right profile picture can make an even stronger impression. That’s where we come in. We are experienced in creating the perfect business portrait to highlight your business and your personal brand.

Our indoor studio is ideal for traditional headshots but we do environmental portraits as well. These are images taken in your unique business setting, a great way to show the relationship between you and your business. Hospitals, restaurants, schools and laboratories, along with many outdoor locations are all well-suited for professional headshots. Whether you’re a farmer, coach, teacher, or lawyer, we can accommodate any situation to provide an amazing portrait suited to your profession.

Here are a few recent headshots we created for a group of radio personalities from Des Moines. We had a blast getting to know the people behind the voices. You can really see how we capture the individual personalities and bring them to life in the portraits below.

Des Moines radio personalities professional headshots

Click here for more information or call us today to schedule your headshot portrait session.

There are very few people that want their pictures taken in the snow. We were so happy that Janelle and Justin wanted just that for their engagement portraits. There are many variables that have to align to make Iowa winter pictures work out and this weekend those variables aligned PERFECTLY! These are just a couple of our favorite shots from our session yesterday. Hope you love them!



  • Tom McGuinty - You guys look awesome.

  • Rhonda Snyder - Love them. Two pictures were a tease….Can’t wait to see the rest.